Wausau Dining Guide: New Restaurants to Try This Weekend

Wausau Dining Guide: New Restaurants to Try This Weekend

wausau dining guide

Wausau, located in Central Wisconsin, is known for many wonderful things: excellent public schools, affordable housing, gainful employment, and a seemingly endless number of great dining options. Our real estate clientele are a mix in demographics, and from various locations around the country, including right here where I-39 ends. The list above (schools, affordable housing, job opportunities, and restaurants) has the most common questions we field.

While we are more than happy to share the best place (in our humble opinion) for a steak, or fish fry, or cheese curds, you can ask almost anyone you meet the same question and receive 4 options for each food choice. Rather than focus on the already tried and true, great dining experiences in the greater Wausau community, let’s talk about two new gems.

Masa: Japanese cuisine at it’s finest, right here in the middle of Wisconsin. Here, you’ll find sushi that is on par with the top sushi restaurants in major metropolitan areas. Beautiful presentations AND great tasting sushi are only the beginning. From tempura to the best Udon, there’s something for everyone. (Tip: the Bento Box gives you the most bang for your buck.) If this wasn’t wonderful enough already, if you happen to visit Masa on your birthday, you’re in for a real treat.

Rosati’s: Italian food, Chicago style. It doesn’t get better than this. Deep dish pizzas, Italian beef sandwiches, and many other favorites. Plus, they happen to have the world’s best appetizer, the Dough Nuggets! First they fry pizza dough bites. Then they serve them with a side of pizza sauce.

Of course, if you’re interested in a tried and true list of restaurants, you can always drop us a question at jennysellswausau.com, or visit Trip Finder and see what they have to say. Central Wisconsin is the heart of Wisconsin, and our dining options are a direct reflection of how wonderful this great state is.