Replace or Revive?

Replace or Revive?

Photo: Velvet Finishes

For many people, part of the charm of the holiday season is remembering or reliving our family traditions with the ones we love.  Whether you have a favorite holiday tradition from Grandma’s house or you are starting your own family’s traditions, there is something about this time of year that brings a little extra joy into our hearts.

Just like a favorite Holiday tradition, so many of us have that one piece of furniture that we just can’t part with.  Perhaps it is a water stained side table that has been hauled from house to house, or an old chair with great bones but not so great fabric.  Unfortunately, those pieces often get stashed in the basement or spare room because we don’t know what to do with them, but we aren’t willing to give them up.

Consider Reviving Them!

Photo: Velvet Finishes

Thanks to DIY websites and channels like Pinterest and HGTV, reviving furniture and antiques is more popular than ever.  Still, if you are new to the game it can be difficult to know where to start.  The thought of having to scrape, and, and/or strip a piece of furniture before refinishing can be quite daunting!  But… Consider reviving them!

Velvet Finishes

We recently had a client reach out to us for help to refinish and reupholster a chair from her Grandmother’s home.  She knew she wanted to repaint the chair herself, but she needed a little help with the reupholstery part of the project.  Once we found the perfect fabric, she did some research and found a paint called Velvet Finish.

Photo: Velvet Finishes

Velvet Finishes claims it is a DIY friendly paint that:

requires NO SANDING

requires NO PRIMING

requires NO WAXING



and is incredibly easy to use

Even our upholsterer commented that he was really impressed that it didn’t chip, peel, or get damaged during the reupholstery process.  That never happens with DIY finishes!

Take a look at before and after pictures.

Get Inspired!

Dig out that old piece of furniture you’ve been wanting to refinish and get inspired.  Check out Velvet Finishes at for great tips and tricks plus inspiration projects.  If you need more help with your project, give us a call.  We work on all projects, from large to small and residential to commercial.

Photo: Velvet Finishes

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