Homeowner’s Update: Create a Calming Space in Your Home

Homeowner’s Update: Create a Calming Space in Your Home


Every home needs a space dedicated to relaxing and rejuvenating.  Whether it’s a bedroom, a meditation room or just a corner of the basement, here are some ways to make that place your calming space.

Use calming colors.  Decorate with cool tones and muted colors to allow your brain to relax.  Avoid harsh colors or busy prints.  Taupe, gray, lavender, blush pink, or nearly any shade of blue are all colors that calm our senses.

Minimize the noise.  Keep technology to a minimum because bright screens strain your eyes and busy your mind.  Make the space a phone-free zone so you can avoid interrupting alerts and buzzes.  An ambient noise machine is a great noise substitute, allowing you to listen to the sounds of ocean waves or rainfall.

Maximize the comfort level.  Make the area comfortable and cozy.  Fill it with soft pillows and blankets to make this space luxurious and nap-friendly.  (Oversized, faux fur pillows are trending.)  Set the mood for relaxation with soft lights that make the room glow.

Soothe your senses.  Use a candle warmer or an oil diffuser to fill the room with mellow scents.  Eucalyptus, lavender, cedar, and mint are all natural, soft smells that leave your space feeling clean and inviting.  Candles are great for soft, flickering light and peaceful scents, but be sure to blow them out before leaving your calming space.