Feng Shui: Home Sellers

Feng Shui: Home Sellers

When it comes to selling your home, there are a few things you can do to save yourself time and money in the long game of the sale. Feng Shui is an ancient art that has many how-to tips that can help you sell your home.


Go Outside.  This first exercise is best done with a friend who has not seen your house for a while. Go outside your house, condo, duplex, or whatever it is that you are selling, and look at it from across the street (or a short distance). Quickly write down all the thoughts and first impressions that come to mind.

Do not censor the details, or get defensive. The more open minded you are, the better off you will be at presenting your home to future buyers. If the flowerpot next to your front door has dead flowers in it, a simple swap for fresh soil and plants is an easy and attractive fix. You want the energy at your front door to be fresh and inviting. Being mindful of the quality of the energy presented to the prospective buyer before they walk inside is critical for when they are on the other side of the front door.

Go Fresh and Green.  If you own a house, definitely invest in some landscaping; this will increase the value of your property, as well as attract a better energy to your home.

If you live in a duplex or a condo and there is not much “outside” to work on, focus on the main entrance and bring vibrant Chi, or energy to your main entry. Invest in a tall lush plant or bring a vase with fresh cut flowers, have good lighting, beautiful art; create a feeling of more space with the placement of mirrors (note: this is Feng Shui!), refresh the wall paint, etc.

Everyone knows the expression less is more.  When you shop for anything – clothes, appliances, food – it is often helpful to see the item in action. If you try specific food, you are much more inclined to buy it, right? The same goes with clothing – that lovely sweater looks much better on a mannequin than stacked with all the other sweaters. You see it, you touch it, you experience it, and you want to buy it. However, would you want to pay full price for a used item?  Probably not.  Think of this when you are preparing to sell your house – the less personal, or used your home feels and looks, the better.  Show to the best of your ability how the space can be used, but do not overdo it with personal touches.

You want the bathroom to feel like a spa, but need to hide all your personal items (buyers do not need to know which toothpaste brand you prefer); make the kitchen smell like a fresh baked apple pie, or at least not like the take out from last night. Clean and fresh are the key to successful home selling, regardless of the room.


Go for Good Energy.  Most importantly, be aware of the very important Feng Shui energy triangle when getting ready to sell your house.

The energy in the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom can make or break a sale. Buyers need to know they will sleep well, eat well, AND unwind well if they choose to buy your home. They should be able to use their imagination and see themselves in the space. If this ability is blocked or stagnant, they are not likely to make an offer.


Let Go.  
Although it might sound strange after all your hard work, there are some sellers who undermine the process and want to hold tight to their home rather than sell it. For some this happens unconsciously, for others there is an underlying emotional attachment. Understand that this energy dynamic can prevent a quick house sale. It is not possible to give a gift to a friend and still keep it for yourself. The same is with the sale of your home. Be sure this dynamic is not present in your house sale and you will be well on your way to your new home!


Of course, this guide is a starting point.  There are numerous reference books and Feng Shui consultants available to help you take your home Feng Shui to the next level.