Fall Curb Appeal

Fall Curb Appeal

Fall Curb Appeal

Fall Curb Appeal
Traditional brick colonial dressed up for fall with colorful mums and harvest gourds

When we think of Fall, we are reminded of sweet Pumpkin Spice Lattes, the crunching of fallen leaves under foot, and a crispness in the air. As the days get shorter, it is important to remember to spruce up the outside of your home, as you prepare to hunker down indoors through the winter months.

Leaves are falling from the trees at a rate that seems impossible. The summertime shade, which you were so grateful for is coming to its seasonal end, and is now laying all over your lawn. The colors of Fall foliage can make your home look more attractive, but not if you slack on lawn care. Rake leaves frequently and repair any brown spots while there’s still time for grass seed to take.

Flowers aren’t just for Spring and Summer. There’s a bevy of Fall flowers available at your local greenhouse, grocery store, or farmers market. Mums are a popular and perennial favorite. Just as the last of the lilies and hosta blooms are spent, mums show their true colors, and there are a wide variety of them!

You can always add a pop of color to your front door. As the entrance to your home, it’s often a focal point. Next to the exterior plantings, it’s often the first thing a homebuyer notices. If the paint is chipping, there’s still time to apply a new finish. An inviting, seasonal wreath is another option that is welcoming to potential buyers, guests, and adds to your home’s overall exterior appearance.

In Central Wisconsin, we tend to have warm, muggy summers (like Florida but 20-30 degrees cooler), and almost everything has moss growing on the north side of it by the time August rolls around. Clean up the appearance of your home with a pressure wash. While you have the ladder out, you should also clean your windows. If paint is chipping on your siding or trim, apply a fresh coat.

Leaves don’t just fall on the ground. They land on the roof and get caught in gutters. Staying on top of yearly and monthly maintenance shows buyers that you care about this home and its upkeep.   Clearing the roof and gutters of leaf debris will protect your home from potential water damage.

If you haven’t thought about outdoor lighting, or have wanted to add it but it’s never been a priority before, this is the perfect time to make it one. As the sun sets earlier each day at this time of year, it’s possible home buyers will see your listing when it’s already dark outside. Having lights to illuminate the path to the front door, is an important safety feature. Using decorative lights or lanterns, solar or electric, are great choices and they brighten up your home’s entrances.

Although you might be the house that goes all out with Halloween decorations, when your home is on the market decorations should be kept to a minimum. Keep your front yard spooktacular in storage for next year in your new home, where you can impress a whole new set of neighbors.

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