A Year Worth Celebrating

A Year Worth Celebrating

Now that 2018 is in the books, Dan and I can sit back for a New York Minute and look at it in it’s entirety. We both concur that it was a very memorable year for many reasons but the one that stands out the most comes down to the people we met and the wonderful friendships that ensued.

2018 was also year of firsts. As an agent of 25+ years, I haven’t found it necessary to jump from real estate company to real estate company. Instead, I took that energy to better myself and my product. But, in 2018 an opportunity popped up that I couldn’t sweep under the rug. My good friends were opening up a real estate firm that embodied all of the ideas and values I had embraced many years ago as part of my personal business plan but that I couldn’t find with any local firm. I wanted to offer my residential and commercial clients a much higher level of service with not only the traditional aspects of real estate agency but to also integrate consumer convenience, 21st century technology, education and fun. After all, buying and selling real estate should be fun! And, it can be by taking away the fear of the unknown. Needless to say, I jumped ship and ran as fast as I could to Amaximmo and I haven’t looked back since.

Another first was finding a way to put my plan in to action and that involved finding just the right talent. I had always been a self starter and one woman show. But, to elevate the customer experience I knew I couldn’t do it all myself. Enter Dan Zipperer. The real estate gods were certainly throwing me a bone and smiling down on me when he walked through my door. After a number of exhausting and unproductive interviews, Dan was a breath of fresh air. His energy, enthusiasm, integrity and get-it-done attitude had me sold. And, looking back I don’t question or regret the decision to branch or bring Dan on board whatsoever. It was a great move!!!

Finally, on a more personal note, 2018 has been an interesting and illuminating year for my family. My son Noah is in the throws of applying to medical school and our oldest son Max continues to work hard for the Legends of Basketball in Chicago while pursuing law school. My husband’s medical practice is going well and our dogs keep us active and at their beck and call. Overall, it has been a year worth celebrating and I am eagerly looking forward to an equally amazing 2019.

Wishing you and your loved ones a happy, healthy year ahead,


Jenny & Dan at the Amaximmo Holiday Party at Daly’s in Wausau