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Tori Diny Schulz
There’s a lot that goes into a house—the design, construction, maintenance, the people, pets, all the menagerie and the memories.  One of my youngest memories is sitting on the couch eating rice cakes and watching This Old House with my mom.  I love(d) how Tom Silva and the crew talked with the owners about their family and house, while uncovering how the house was built, maybe something
Enjoying food, fitness and hospitality, I obtained my BS in nutritional sciences from the University of CT and worked for 10 years as a dietitian. I delight in listening and learning about others’ lifestyles, cultures and nutritional needs to integrate creative ways to improve their health and wellness.
My husband,
For almost 10 years I have been in the hospitality industry. I have worked as a dish washer/fry-cook all the way up to being a corporate sales manager for a large convention center and hotel. This experience has taught me how to properly work through any situation in a detailed and efficient manner while also entertaining.
JENNY GORDON (RENE – SFR – ASID, Allied Professional Realtor & Principal Interior Designer)
Retired 2024

I am a proud mom of two young men, one mischievous canine and a grand-pup. I’ve been married for over two decades to my best friend and confidant.

After spending over 20 years working with institutional clients in the financial markets, my wife Kathy and I decided to move to  Wausau and raise our three children Parker, Abby and William.  After years of work transfers between New York and Chicago, we feel very fortunate to be able to